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    THE CHAMELEON: The Ultimate pair of Earrings, that can change into six different items of jewellery

    EVERYDAY: A Pair of 1ct Studs, GIA G Vs2
    EVENING WEAR: Add a diamond collar to dress up the studs, ideal for a night out.
    DINNER PARTY: Add a pair of stunning 47ct Tanzanite Drops to the collar to make the perfect Earrings for any party.
    THE BALL: For that special night out add an Exquisite Pair of 16ct Emerald and Diamond Drops that will look fantastic in any situation.
    COCKTAIL PARTY: For a fun party, change the Tanzanite Earrings, into a Tanzanite Pendant, perfect for the cocktail party
    THE SOIRÉE: For the special event that you want something a little special, change one of the Emeralds into a gorgeous Emerald Pendant.